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Before 20 years we come from factory with young face and pure smile. After 20 years we set up Wenzhou Dongshang International Trade Co., Ltd , all persistence and dedication are attributed to love. 

We aim to provide different countries and customers with all kinds of PU, SEMI, PVC and other artificial leather products, all kinds of fur, polyester and other textile fabrics products and TPU, Glitter with special processing products. All kinds of products are widely used in daily packages, shoes and hats, bags, clothing, furniture, automotive supplies and home decoration and other sides, with super quality and competitive price to meet their requirements.

We specialized in southeast Asia and South Asia of all kinds of shoes and bags, clothing fabric products and markets for many years, but to other countries, regions of all kinds of markets and products also have a clear understanding and involvement. In the near future we will actively expand new sales markets, strengthen new products development. With the heart of craftsmen to create better products and more perfect service as our own responsibility. Running with the dreams. Don’t idle our youth away !


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