Leather Care Tips

Maintenance of leather sofas 1. Leather has strong absorption and adsorption capabilities, so it should be prevented from pollution. It is recommended to use leather softener once in spring and autumn ...

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How To Maintain Leather Bags

1. Leather is highly absorbent, so be careful to prevent contamination, especially frosted leather. 2. Once a week, wring it out with a dry towel, repeat several times, and rub it gently. 3. If there ...

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Features And Advantages Of Pvc Leather

Characteristics and advantages of PVC leather 1. Unique properties of PVC leather (rainproof, fireproof, antistatic, easy to shape). 2. PVC , Semi PU Leather is affordable. Ordinary adhesive films are ...

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Which Leather Factory Is Good

If it is a very dirty original leather garment, in order to completely remove the dirt, save time and energy, and prevent the spots from hardening and deforming, the effective decontamination method i ...

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How To Maintain Pu Leather?

PU leather is the abbreviation of poly urethane in English, and its chemical Chinese name is "polyurethane". PU leather is the surface of polyurethane. It is widely used in bags, clothing, shoes, vehi ...

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